Lament: A Congregation of Sojourners

Artist Statement

by Sunni Mercer

Art commissioned by Christendom throughout the centuries, such as liturgical and venerated objects have always been a source of intrigue for me.  Particularly, the jewel encrusted vessels created to preserve sacred relics.  These reliquaries, containing a tangible element of the faith, have for centuries provided believers with an essential link to eternity. 

My sculptures serve as reliquaries, but not in the traditional sense. 

I set out to create a visual vocabulary to convey my ideas about what I believe.  In deference to the practices of early Reformation artists, my visual ancestors, who used everyday items to relate theological truths, I have developed my own visual lexicon; a dictionary of sorts.  Language provides a sense of reference, something to hold on to; a door by which to enter into the art. Lament is intended to be experienced as a journey, one toward redemption.


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