Part of the “Lament: A Congregation of Sojourners” series | Click Here to view the full “Lament: A Congregation of Sojourners” series

Dreams map my heart, oceans of expectations and islands of longing.
Yet, the place of fulfillment eludes me.

The ache of unmet potential has left me tarnished and altered.
Hope has lost its shine and disappointment has restrained my dreams.

I have become the sum of my failures.

Oh for courage to set my defeats, the mess of my attempts before You.
Empty my soul’s hands that I might recognize Your fingerprints.
May Your grasp on me, the power of
Your love penetrate to the far corners of my disbelief.

Redeem me.

Shape new meaning from my failures, beauty beyond my imagination.

22”H X 13 ”W X 10” D

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